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Driving distractions

Common Sense 101:  Don’t drive when you’re distracted…Plan to avoid texting & driving.

It seems that driving “drunk” or intoxicated is the only obvious event that grabs a headline…

Driving while texting is technically illegal, but very few drivers see it that way…they see it as a minor infraction & a nuisance when enforced.

Most drivers seldom think about this common distraction causing them to cross the double yellow line & changing lives forever…

Technology continues to evolve & devices usually get smaller & smaller.  Fortunately, there are several options for “hands-free” & Bluetooth (R) communication.

Many smart phones now have “talk to text” when allows drivers to text/email hands-free.

Younger drivers grew up with a larger respect for technology avoidance in their vehicles…Many drivers had “rules” in place before they got behind the wheel.

Sadly, the enforcement of texting laws probably won’t be enforced until someone famous dies while texting & driving…It’s the same reason many intersections don’t get stop lights until a serious incident makes the news…

Technology is already available to detect if cell phones are being used to text in a moving vehicle…Until all States start a serious campaign (with serious consequences), I fear too many lives will be lost and/or forever altered.  Too many innocent children die from a distraction that could’ve been avoided.


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