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What to do after an automobile accident (most cases)…

You’ve been involved in an automobile accident…what should you do?

1. Call 911 (or the non-emergency police line) to report the incident.  If they won’t respond due to weather, follow up when it’s safe & have a report completed.

2. Make sure it’s safe before you step outside your vehicle (assuming you’re not hurt or weren’t ejected).

3. Take photos of all vehicles involved.  Take photos of the drivers license & insurance card for each driver (if they allow).  Exchange insurance information only.

4. Flag down any potential witness & verify the facts.  Get their name/contact number if possible.

5. Call your auto insurance agency/company to report the loss & seek advice.  Most carriers offer 24/7 claims assistance & the numbers are normally located on your auto ID card.

6. Make sure the police add your version of the accident to the report.  The insurance company (and possibly the court system) could use this statement to determine liability/coverage.

7. Do not admit fault/guilt.  Simply give your statement & allow the insurance companies to determine liability.

8.  If you or your passengers feel injured, immediately seek medical attention.  Give the medical provider(s) your auto insurance claim number & carrier name for billing.

9.  Make sure you call your insurance agency/company to discuss the next steps & review your coverage/deductibles.


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