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Independent agent versus Exclusive captive agent???

Logically, it makes more sense to work with a local, independent insurance agent. The independent insurance agent has access to multiple A-rated carriers for all your insurance needs. The relationship is different when you work with an captive agent (i.e. State Farm agent, Farm Bureau agent, Shelter agent, Nationwide agent, Allstate agent, etc…).
Captive agents represent ONLY one company. They do NOT have access to multiple markets for auto, home, motorcycle, boat, rental dwellings, umbrellas, etc…

If you’re not happy with the rates on your insurance, you can always call an independent agent (broker) to have them shop your account.
Brokers act as your local agent (servicing your policy changes, billing & assisting w/ claims).
If you’re dealing with a captive agent, they only have one company to quote…Many years ago, clients were loyal to a brand. The presence of the Internet has allowed these clients to access rates from several agencies locally.

There’s nothing wrong with a captive agent or agency, but the future of auto/home/life insurance will be geared towards “more options” for the consumer…

Dealing with a local insurance broker unlocks your potential to secure the best protection, purchase the most options & save the maximum amount on premiums.

If you’re not working with a local, independent insurance agent please contact our agency at 859-781-7283 or email us at

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